Monday, 28 February 2011

The Amazing Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is currently my design idol!  Her signature style is just so unique, bold, and over-the-top luxurious.  It is really inspiring to see how she is not afraid of using really strong colors in her spaces.  I love how she doesn't seem to follow any rules or trends and just has an innate vision of how things should look.  Her use of traditional elements and antiques layered with more modern elements creates one of a kind rooms that are hard to copy.  Kelly's extravagant style is very refreshing in the sea of modernism and minimalism.

I am completely obsessed with her son's bedroom.  It is so sophisticated for a little boy with Hermes throw and all.  I love how she added the library in the playroom so the books can face forward.  Now if I only had the space and budget to do this for Andy!

I was lucky enough to meet her accidentally in Bergdorf Goodman when she was doing a book signing there for her latest book Hue.  My mom and I love having lunch at BG Restaurant there designed by her firm.  It's super girly, extravagant, and I love people watching there.  The upper east side ladies who lunch are all dressed so fabulously regardless of age (secretly the best part is seeing all the cosmetic surgeries of the elite clientele).  Kelly is really petite and very sweet.  I've seen her as one of the judges on the reality show Top Design (where she always had the most outrageous hair, makeup, and wardrobe)  and she did seem a little intimidating.  I was pretty close to my due date at the book signing so we had a little chat about having little boys.  It was so much fun to actually meet her in person.

I'm very excited because Kelly just started a blog called My Vibe My Life and there are amazing photos on there of her design studio.  She also just revealed her ready to wear line during NY fashion week which hopefully I can get my hands on soon!

For More on Kelly Wearstler:

Sunny Afternoon in High Street Kensington

Holland Park

Lunch at Whole Foods

Running in the Park with Mimi

Last Thursday we finally had a warm and sunny day in London!  I get so comfortable in my neighborhood and have to remind myself that there is so much to do and see in London.  I decided to take a 60 minute walk to High Street Kensington with a napping Andy to shake things up. 

The best part about High Street Kensington is that is pretty convenient with all the usual high street shops (Zara, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Boots, Gap, etc.) and Whole Foods!  I was so excited when they finally opened up a Whole Foods in London because it made me a little less homesick.  Plus it has got to be like the most baby friendly place in town.  Andy enjoyed his lunch of a kids portion chicken shawarma wrap.  It's the first time he has tried Lebanese food and since he is the pickiest eater ever it was a little risky.  The price was pretty reasonable too, 3.40GBP!

After lunch we met up with some friends at Holland Park in the Adventure Playground.  We forgot that it was half term so the park was packed.  The playground flooring is cushy and rubbery, so it's great for babies learning to walk.  We didn't have a chance to check out the peacocks and the Zen Garden this trip but I'm sure we will be back soon.

We ended the day with dinner at the Giraffe across from Hyde Park.  After living in the UK for 4 years it was actually my first time eating at Giraffe!  The place was packed with kids and there was a huge kid's menu too.  I'm not sure this is somewhere I would have eaten before Andy but it really is a good place to go with kids.  Anywhere Andy can be loud, messy, noisy, and not cause a scene is good for us.

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Anyone on Weight Watchers (myself included) should advert your eyes now!  Clicking on the link below will lead to a binge of sweeties (in my case 3 points+ worth of Cadburry Fingers)!  You have been warned.

Every since I found out about Bakerella I have become obsessed!  I've got a horrible sweet tooth and my mouth just salivates everytime I am on her site. I think that Bakerella is one of the most creative bakers out there and her treats are just too adorable to eat.  I mean anyone who makes a Hello Kitty cakepop has automatically won my heart.  Not that I don't enjoy a good cupcake but I am so over the trend and these cakepops are refreshing to see.  Unfortunately I won't be attempting any of these pops anytime soon for the fear of regaining weight and this just doesn't seem like something I would be very good at.  My sister and I did try the red velvet cake balls and they were actually pretty easy to make.  We ate every single last one of them too!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Hop Hop Hop

Wonderworld Hopping Bunny Walker

I've been frequently asked about this amazing wooden eco-friendly walker that Andy received for Christmas from my husband's aunt in Switzerland.  In order to bring it back to London from Zurich we had to throw away the box to fit it in the suitcase.  We were packing frantically and I forgot to write down all the details from the box.  I finally did some research online and it is called the Hopping Bunny Walker by Wonderworld.  It is one of Andy's absolute favorite toys and he still plays with it on a daily basis.  What is so great about the walker is that there is a knob that can tighten/loosen the wheels.  Most walkers out there are pretty quick and babies just learning to walk really don't have the control to use a fast walker.  With this walker the adult doesn't have to constantly bend over to keep the baby steady and you can loosen the wheels as they get more comfortable on their feet.  The handle bar is at the perfect height too for their little hands.

Available online at:

Pretty in Pink

I am so over this miserable British winter and can't wait for some sunshine and warmth again.  We are just counting down the days until our big Asian adventure to Shanghai, Bali and Singapore.  First I have to just ignore the fact that we will be stuck on a plane for 13 hours with a 14 month old.  I'm also beginning to panic about what I should be packing since I haven't even begin to think about summer clothes and the added challenge of having to pack for a little monster too.  To get me in the mood I've painted my nails with Essie Short Shorts polish (sadly has been discontinued) and ordered a pair of hot pink J. Crew shorts (not sure I will have the courage to wear).  Here are some super girly fuschia items that I would love to have and will be sure to brighten up your day!  

1. Yves Saint Laurent Allegra Cashmere Scarf 

2.  Essie Fiesta Nail Polish

3.  J. Crew 3" Chino Short

4.  Diptyque Roses Pink Candle

5.  Michael Kors Silicone Pink Watch

6.  Jonathan Adler Nixon Throw for Her

7.  Jonathan Adler Pink Junior Apple Pillow
8.  Links of London Friendship Bracelet Fuschia with Skulls

9.  Tory Burch Eddie Patent Ballet Flat

10.  Chantecaille Dragon Fruit Lip Gloss SPF 15 and Brilliant Gloss in Flirt

11.  Smythson Leather Key Heart Fob

12.  Jonathan Adler Pink Lacquer Tray

13.  Smythson Notebooks O.M.G! and Blah Blah Blah...

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Loot from Zara

Checked Trousers 14.99 GBP

Trousers with Brace 14.99 GBP

Shorts 12.99 GBP 
Striped Tshirt 4.99 GBP

Striped Tshirt 4.99 GBP
Plush Cargo Trousers 9.99 GBP

Raincoat with Hood 19.99 GBP

Striped Cardigan 9.99 GBP

Striped Shirt 10.99 GBP

We are leaving for Asia in a couple of weeks and can't wait for the warm weather.  I popped into Zara today to grab some spring clothing for Andy.  He seems to have just gone through a growth spurt and it's time to clean his closet out.  Zara has the cutest and trendiest children clothes that won't break the bank.  Andy is pretty long and slim so it's nice that Zara's more European cut fits him perfectly.  It's probably pretty obvious that I like dressing the kid in stripes, gray, and navy blue.  However I have started to add some red and purple into his wardrobe.  I think my favorite piece has got to be the striped shorts with toggle!  It will look super cute with just a plain white onesie on top.  

Available at Zara stores and online:

Bananas for Rachel Zoe

I was totally addicted to Rachel Zoe's reality show Project Zoe and can't wait for it to come back on Bravo!  I'm very sad that her sidekick Brad won't be back and hopefully someone just as entertaining fills his shoes.  My husband and I just loved hearing that very American LA accent.  We don't hear that a lot around here so it's very refreshing.  Last season of course ended with her and Rodger thinking of starting a family.  I'm thrilled to see her pregnant and looking so healthy and glamorous.  We just wouldn't expect any less from her.  Black seems to be the theme for her maternity wear.  But seriously how is she wearing those killer boots with insanely high platform heel?  I know she always says that platforms are "comfortable" but those are really high!  I don't think that I could manage those heels in my pre-Andy days and absolutely no way during my Shrek pregnancy.  Anyway she looks bananas!  Can't wait to see how she is going to dress that little boy she is expecting.

For whole story click here:

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Relief for the Teething Baby

Andy is teething big time again but this time it's those nasty molars that are causing him so much discomfort.  He has turned into a huge slobber monster and is constantly sticking his fingers down his throat causing him to make an ever so attractive sound.  I picked this Baby Banana Toothbrush up at the checkout in Buy Buy Baby just because it looks so funny and I just couldn't stop myself.  Luckily Andy loves the chewy banana (even though he won't let a real banana anywhere near his mouth) and seems to be helping with the teething pains.  Dare I say he likes this banana more than Sophie the giraffe!  Plus it's only about $8.00 (as opposed to the insanely overpriced Sophie) so your heart won't stop every time your kid throws it on the floor.

Gucci Baby

Image from (not Harrods)

Sorry for the blurry picture but only had a camera phone handy.

Since it was pretty miserable this past weekend, we decided to take Andy to Harrods Toy Kingdom for entertainment.  We had lunch in the new Treehouse Restaurant on the 4th Floor which is super kid friendly.  The food is actually pretty tasty (even Andy's kids meal) but of course you pay Harrods prices for the experience.  In the infant clothing area there is a huge new section for Gucci Baby.  The clothes are very cute but you pretty much have to have Jennifer Lopez's salary to be able to dress you kids in Gucci.  I mean there were the most beautiful tiny leather jackets for $1450.00!  Even if money were no object I just wouldn't have the heart to dress Andy in Gucci.  I've seen what the kid does to clothing and he can live in Zara.  

But they did have the most luxurious display furniture in glass, gold, and blonde timber.  My favorite thing in the whole room are these mini grey velvet retro upholstered chairs and ottoman.  The contrast piping and buttoning are just too adorable.  I totally would love to have these pieces for myself in normal adult size!  As for nursery furniture I don't believe in anything that can't be cleaned with a baby wipe so not going to be reproducing these chairs for Andy anytime soon.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Best Shoes Ever

We are addicted to Converse in this household!  Not only are they inexpensive but are comfortable and stylish too.  Converse can work with so many outfits and come in all the colors of the rainbow.  I am so excited that I finally get to pick a pair of the tiny little All Stars for Andy that we always oohed and ahhed at before he came along.  We just picked up a pair of navy laceless lowtops for Andy.  It's such a struggle to get shoes on him and these have a hidden velcro panel on the inside that will make getting him dressed that much easier.  They are just about a half size too big so hopefully he will grow into them in just a few months.  Since Andy has just started walking these probably are not the best first shoes, so no rush just yet.  But can't wait to test them out in the playground when the sun finally comes out!

I picked these up at Boys Base in Westfield:

or available online:

Extended Valentines Day

My husband surprised me with a dozen beautiful roses from Only Roses last week for Valentine's Day.  This was a very romantic gesture as we have yet to leave Andy with a babysitter and we ended up having a lovely sushi dinner delivered to our front door.  Only Roses is one of my favorite florists in Chelsea on Old Brompton Road.  They scatter rose petals outside the shop everyday and has a very modern romantic feel.  The Valentine's Roses lasted the whole week and I am not ready to part with them just yet.  Luckily there are 4 roses left that are still pretty fresh and here are my floral arranging skills at their best!  This is a pretty easy way to do a quick and modern arrangement at home with leftover flowers from a bouquet or a centerpiece without having to spend a lot of money.

Only Roses
257 Old Brompton Road

Monday, 21 February 2011

Baby Friendly in Chelsea Green

Before Andy came along, my husband and I used to love going to Tom's Kitchen.  They have an amazing American style Sunday brunch with gourmet waffles and pancakes.  Not to mention the most scrumptious fish and chips.  We are always so reluctant to bring Andy to a "real" restaurant because he is a terribly messy eater and so many restaurants don't have a baby change.  We decided to give Tom's Kitchen a try with Andy because how many times can we go to Pizza Express before going crazy?  

We arrived at 5:30 for an early dinner and of course they weren't open for dinner yet.   Luckily they opened at 6:00 so we did some more window shopping in Chelsea Green.  There is a Jojo Maman Bebe that just opened up where the Cath Kidston used to be and Chelsea Toys right next door to Tom's Kitchen.  We were seated in the upstairs bar area since we did not have a reservation and it was a Saturday night, but it turned out to be a good thing since we were the only ones up there for most of our meal.  Most of the food on the dinner menu is pretty kid friendly (burgers, fish and chips, macaroni and cheese, etc.) and Andy really enjoyed the food.  The best part is they have plenty of high chairs and a baby change.  Can't wait to go back for Sunday Brunch.  

Tom's Kitchen Chelsea
27 Cale Street
0207 349 0202

Chelsea Toys
53 Godfrey Street

Jojo Maman Bebe
12 Cale Street