Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cool Kicks for School

With back-to-school soon approaching leave it to J. Crew to have the chicest and most stylish selection of kids' shoes.  I love that they have supplemented their own amazing in-house designs with great finds from Sperry, Adidas, Aigle, Bensimon, Minnetonka, my favorite Sven clogs, and so much more.  

Seriously how cute are all the ballerina flats for girls???  The neon trim gray boots are too cool for school and I am wishing I can squeeze my feet in those leopard print booties!  I'm loving the Euro inspired sneaks for boys and gals that will smarten up any outfit.  The Adidas and New Balance sneakers are perfect for all those energetic little boys who like to get down and dirty.  You can never go wrong with a great pair of brown boots for the coming winter or a pair of loafers just like daddy.

Be sure to check out all the J.Crew back to school picks too!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Knights in Shining Armour

Daisy Knights is an uber talented Central Saint Martins grad who has the coolest and edgiest jewelry designs.  I just love how the pieces are all matte finished metal with a very sculptural feel.   My favorites are her feather, skull, and stud motifs which are totally rock-n-roll.  I'm definitely going to need to pick up one (or perhaps a couple) of these super cute skull charms on the color cords!  Daisy's designs are all too fabulous and I'm sure you will definitely be walking around with something special on that no one else has!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

In the Mood for Some Nudes

At the moment I am obsessed with pairing my outfits with nude flats.  Nude colored shoes go with almost everything and just adds that extra touch of chic.  They also solve the problem of the brown shoe vs black shoe since you will get more mileage out of flesh toned ones.  

I'm just drooling over all of these shoes from my online window shopping.  Of course I'm dreaming up a reason to wear heels and actually have somewhere to go.  But I don't see this happening anytime soon.  I've had my eye set on a pair of heeled mary janes since before I was pregnant and these Louboutins and Manolos are such a classic investment piece.  Wish I would've bitten the bullet while I was still with job.  The L.K. Bennett Maddox wedge is just so yummy and may work for weekend brunches with hubby and the Little Monster.  I can still walk in a wedge but for sure not ready to take on heels yet!  Mama needs a new pair of shoes real bad!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I'm always on the lookout for cool and stylish clothing for the Little Monster that is comfortable and functional for his very active days.  It is true everything they say about little boys liking to get extra dirty and filthy so his wardrobe is definitely shifting more towards play clothes and the fancy stuff saved for a special outing.  

During my trip to the states a couple of months ago I was stocking up for the fall at the Nordstrom's kids department as they always have such a great selection for boys.  Boys clothing is tough to do since the selection is pretty limited and hard to find pieces that are unique.  I was very excited when I came across Peek...Aren't You Curious that offers a fresh collection of kids clothing.  All of the pieces are made from the softest and finest materials and everything just looks so uber comfortable with that cool California vibe.  The best part is that Peek is designed by parents with lots of experience in the apparel business so the pieces are up for the workout!