Wednesday, 3 August 2011

In the Mood for Some Nudes

At the moment I am obsessed with pairing my outfits with nude flats.  Nude colored shoes go with almost everything and just adds that extra touch of chic.  They also solve the problem of the brown shoe vs black shoe since you will get more mileage out of flesh toned ones.  

I'm just drooling over all of these shoes from my online window shopping.  Of course I'm dreaming up a reason to wear heels and actually have somewhere to go.  But I don't see this happening anytime soon.  I've had my eye set on a pair of heeled mary janes since before I was pregnant and these Louboutins and Manolos are such a classic investment piece.  Wish I would've bitten the bullet while I was still with job.  The L.K. Bennett Maddox wedge is just so yummy and may work for weekend brunches with hubby and the Little Monster.  I can still walk in a wedge but for sure not ready to take on heels yet!  Mama needs a new pair of shoes real bad!


  1. LOOOOVE this post. I am trying to find some nude shoes currently ;)

  2. I vote for the Lanvin flats, they look fabulous! I have quite a few of heels in nude, but no flats, maybe I should get some...
    One question re Loubies: I have a pair of nude Loubie platforms and find the red sole doesn't go too well with the nude colour, what do you think?

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  4. I love this! Right now I would go for the Tory Burch Flat (no 1.) I love nude shoes. This is such a great collection!

  5. Great post! Love #3, 7 and 9!

    What kind of outfits are you thinking of pairing with nude flats/heels?

    I have a pair in nude from Prada, with a short but thick heel. I've also been brainstorming on which outfits would go with this pair of shoes.

  6. Loving nude shoes! I was planning (saving) for the Loub but found some cute cheap ones to try for now.

  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback!

    I really think I'm going to go for a pair of the LK Bennett ones since I've got some formal occasions coming up. They are in a great price point and will be comfy. Just got to figure out what I'm going to wear.

    @LittleS I've got a pair of the patent nube Loubies with the wooden platform heel. The red sole with nude combo doesn't really bother me but I cannot for the life of me walk in them anymore!

    @Mona P I've got a pair of Tory Burch nude flats with tassles and I wear them with everything. I'm usually in skinnies or legging with a few layers on top so pretty casual. The TB flats make me feel a little less sloppy.