Saturday, 6 July 2013

we're on the other side of the pond

I somehow survived my flight from Heathrow to Newark, NJ alone with 2 toddlers in tow!  The flight was 2 hours delayed and I ended up sitting on the edge of my daughter's seat for half the flight because I didn't want to wake sleeping beauty. Plus my son ended up having an accident in his seat so thankfully we had a spare set of clothes. Luckily he didn't puke until we were about a block from my mom's house! Was not ready for that one! Honestly I was quite relaxed the whole trip and tried not to get stressed about anything. I'm definitely ready for more flights solo but of course with mileage upgrades in business class! 

The kids are almost over their jet lag and enjoying the American life. Big house, big cars, big shops and big everything. They are being extra spoiled by grandma and having such a great time. It is so unbelievably hot and humid here so we are spending lots of time in the swimming pool everyday and anything air conditioned. It's a huge shock on our systems coming from cold rainy London but it's so great being a kid on summer holiday! 

My son is obsessed with America and it was so exciting for him to celebrate the 4th of July for real. We went to the fireworks celebration in town and the poor exhausted kid fell asleep as soon as the fireworks began!

Will post more on all of our American adventures all summer long!

ps - this is my first post from my iPad so apologies for the different format. My husband will be bringing me my laptop soon so will be back shortly. 


  1. The photos are adorable and congrats on the grand adventure! I unfortunately am the puker during our travels - it sound like you were well prepared!

  2. @MONICA oh no poor you! the puke happened a couple more times on our drive from LA to Santa Barbara. Never fun :(