Sunday, 24 November 2013

a very good cause

As we are all super busy running around this time of the year I think it is so important not too get too caught up in the holiday madness and to take a moment to remember just how lucky we really are.  I am so thankful that I have a loving husband, 2 amazing children, a warm(ish) house, the best family ever and never ever have to worry about where our next meal is coming from.  I am absolutely terrible at spoiling my children especially this time of the year and love waking up on Christmas morning and seeing the pure joy on their faces.  It breaks my heart to think of all those children out there who will not get to share this moment of magic and want to make sure that I start teaching my kids how to give back and to help those in need.

The NSPCC is one of the largest UK charities focused on ending child cruelty in the UK and organization that could really use your donations.  I'm sure all of the children are hard at working writing letters to Father Christmas right now and would be delighted to receive a letter back from the North Pole.  The NSPCC is offering a wonderful service online where you can send your child a personalised Letter from Santa for a small donation.  There are several templates to choose from based on your child's age, add accomplishments on there such as eating veggies or doing well at school, have a friend/sibling's name on the letter, and even acknowledge that you will not be forgotten if you happen to be traveling on Christmas day.  It only costs a £5 donation to have the letter sent and of course you can easily donate for at the checkout.  The money raised goes towards ChildLine where children can contact the NSPCC directly 365 days a year (even on Christmas day) if they are worried or have a concern.

This is such a fabulous way to give back this year to an amazing charity this holiday season.  Sign up now to make sure you get your letter in time and they go out in the post from 25 November to 19 December! 

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