Wednesday, 13 November 2013

sissy + marley - dylan's nursery

Interior Design by Sissy + Marley
Photgraphy by Marco Ricca

I have been completely and utterly obsessed with Sissy+Marley since the first time I laid eyes on one of the amazing nursery these fabulous ladies have designed.  The dynamic mother and daughters team of Chelsea, Rachel, and Diana are the genius design gurus of Sissy+Marley and they seriously have impeccable taste.  Sissy+Marley are know for creating unique modern, whimsical and sophisticated spaces for your baby's nursery, child's room, playroom or any other space in your house.  I love that all of the rooms they design are not only stunning but are really well thought out functionally and really accommodate family life.  The Sissy+Marley blog is a must daily read for me and a great place to find fashion, design and style inspiration.  You will be hooked from the moment you start reading their edits!

Lucky for us Sissy+Marley have just launched a collection of fabulous wallpaper for Jill Malek that are simple, modern and ever so chic.  I'm loving the Giraffe Wallpaper that is one of the key features of their new projects for baby Dylan's nursery.  How stylish and sophisticated is this animal kingdom themed nursery?  The room is very warm and soothing with the neutral tones of the furniture and walls mixed in with pops of orange accessories.  I love all of the artwork found throughout the walls of the room that really personalize the space and makes it that much more special.

This nursery is just so magical with special little nooks in the room to let the imagination run wild.  I'm definitely stealing the book rail idea for my daughters room and may even be smuggling some wallpaper back to London.  Dylan is seriously one lucky boy!

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