Thursday, 13 June 2013

living the cabana life

I've always been pretty picky about swimwear for my kids.  I guess since sun is such a novelty to them  I'm convinced they will burn the second they sit out by the pool/beach.  My son always has a rash guard on not only to protect his skin but also makes the sunscreen battle so much quicker.  I find boys swimwear so much more practical than what's out there for girls.  The board shorts pretty much cover up most of their legs and I just buy a couple of solid rash guards the beginning of each season.  I'm finding it trickier to find swimwear for girls that will offer protection from the sun.  There are loads of adorable bikinis and little swim suits out there but most don't really offer much coverage for their skin.  

Luckily Cabana Life has designed an amazing range of swimwear which are 50+ UV protection and stylish at the same time.  What I love especially for little girls are the SPF rash guard sets that come with a pair of bikini bottoms and a very cute rash guard top to match.  It's also practical for diaper/nappy changes because you don't have to peel off the whole swim suit!  For the older girls (7+ years) it does come with a bikini top in the set.  The boys sets include a very cool rash guard and pair of board shorts in a matching design.  I love the mix and match prints/patterns in the vibrant summer colors that are sure to make your kids stand out from the crowd.  The best part is you know your kids are safe and that's one less thing you have to worry about.  It's no wonder Cabana Life has such a huge celebrity following and loved by Oprah!

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