Wednesday, 12 June 2013

sparkle in tutu du monde

I must admit that I am still getting used to having a little girl and the territory that comes with all things girly.  For the past 3 1/2 years I have been chasing around a little boy who loves rolling in muddly puddles (thanks to Peppa) and I know way more about trains than any human being ever needs to know.  Milla being so little is only obsessed with whatever her brother plays with and so far has shown no interest in anything girly.  She loves toting his Spideyman everywhere and I'm sure she's really enjoys watching the show he puts on in protest she's touching Spidey.  I'm hoping this will all change as she gets older because honestly I am sick of trains!

I think the best part of having a little girl (and my favorite thing to do growing up) is playing dress up.  I remember playing in my mom's closet trying on jewels and shoes and it is safe to say that you will still catch me red handed in there "shopping".  I remember fondly ballet classes from my childhood and of course the all the frilly costumes I got to wear for recitals.  

I absolutely adore the Australian company Tutu du Monde for making the most beautiful tutus and accessories that every little ballerina needs.  They pride themselves on creating wearable and practical tutus for little girls to play in their world of make believe.  I love that all of the collections have a vintage feel to them and only get better with wear.  One of the things I fear most about little girl's clothing is the tacky bright pinks and endless amounts of loud sequins.  You definitely don't have to worry about being caught will an obnoxious ballerina fairy princess in one of their pieces.  All of the details are so elegantly done and you really feel like you are living in Tutu Du Monde's dream world of pixie dust and fairies.  Now if it were only acceptable for us grown up to wear one of these tutus around a la Carrie Bradshaw!

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