Tuesday, 18 June 2013

our father's day pottery masterpiece

I hope all the daddies out there had an amazing Father's Day this past Sunday.  It it now safe to post what my kids made for daddy this year!  They painted a very special cereal bowl for him at the Pottery Cafe on Fulham Road.  It's our go to stop to make one of a kind gifts for family members.  We have made pottery with baby footprints, created birthday presents for the grandparents and paint special Christmas ornaments there once a year.  There is a little bit of planning involved since it takes a week to collect the pieces so do make sure you plan ahead.  

Now bringing a 3 1/2 year old boy and a 14 month toddler along is quite stressful so I went with some friends for an extra hand.  Boys being boys have a maximum attention span of about 5 minutes when it comes to crafts so we are usually in and out of there like a military operation.  Plus the toddler loves throwing things on the floor and eating the paint so we need to get the job done quickly.  One adult collects the pottery while another picks out all the paint colors.  Then one of us helps with the stamps (believe me there is a lot of negotiating) and the other one starts writing out text on the pieces.  

What I love about the Pottery Cafe are the great selection of stamps and lots of seasonal stamps which really make the pieces so special.  The stamps include assorted animals, dinosaurs, London, baby, celebration, shapes and so much more.  As you can see my son is an absolute London Transport fanatic and the bowl is adorned with all of his favorite things (buses, taxis, trains, and Underground logo).  And of course the piece de resistance the "SD" for super dad stamp!

We filled the bowl with Cheerios on Sunday morning and daddy is sure to use his special bowl every morning.

735 Fulham Road
more London locations on website

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