Monday, 18 February 2013

fabulous mom jeans

I always have such a hard time getting dressed in the morning.  Being a stay at home mom it's important to tell myself that I am not going to wear sweats out of the house!  Even on the worst day when nothing it going right just getting dressed into something with some kind of style gives me just a little lift to get through the day.  It is tough to find a chic outfit that will keep up with a very physical day where I know I will get food thrown on me and end up in mud.  

I wear skinny jeans or leggings like 99.9% of the time and I'm always trying to keep it exciting.  I purchased a pair of the Rag and Bone Legging in Violet and I am totally OBSESSED!  I seriously need them in every single color.  The great thing about the fit is that it is a mid-rise so it keeps all those  tummy bits held in.  It's almost been a year since the cesarian and my stomach is just not cooperating and really needs some support.  The R&B legging is a super comfy in a soft cotton twill that makes running around all day that much easier.  They come is so many colors and really adds that splash of color to your outfit.

Highly recommend giving them a try!

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