Sunday, 24 February 2013

must have for little boys

Never in my life did I think trains would be such a huge part of my life.  Honestly before I had my son I don't even think I ever noticed a train and now I have to live with a die hard train fanatic.  We watch countless hours of YouTube videos of Swiss steam engines, London Underground trains, NYC subway trains, German trams, Japanese bullet trains, and basically anything else that is a train.  For fun we literally ride the tube around in a circle with nowhere to go just sitting there stop after stop.  I still find this insanely dull but it's all the kid talks about!

We've moved past the Thomas and Friends phase thankfully as there is only so many times a human being can hear "fizzling fireboxes".  We are now only interested in real trains that we can actually ride and of course lots of demands to go to Japan to ride the Shinkansen and to test out some German trams.  Fat chance this is going to happen.  My kid is totally into these Munipals trains of the New York City subways, the MTA buses, and the New Jersey Transit train (can't get the Jersey out of this girl!).  As my mom keeps telling me they all look the same so why does need so many wooden trains but oh they are NOT the same.  Great thing is that these trains work with the Thomas and Brio tracks and trains so don't need to get more tracks and pieces.  We recently went to NYC and rode the subway uptown and downtown clutching his 2 A trains.  They go everywhere plane, train, automobile, school, bed, restaurants, anywhere.  I've got a closet full of backups too because we lost the A train for a month (somebody hid it in a Brobee backpack) and I cannot go through that again.

If you've got a train lover at home then these will surely be a hit.

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