Sunday, 17 April 2011

Look What I Just Ordered on Etsy

It's almost 1am and I'm completely exhausted after 4 days alone with the little monster and 2 trips to the park today.  But I just had a flash of genius and remembered that months ago I had read about these gorgeous iPhone cases on the La Dolce Vita blog by Dani Notes Stationary!  I have been obsessing for the past hour trying to figure out which style and color combo to get and just clicked buy on Etsy!!!  I decided to go with the pink chevron pattern with the round script monogram in orange.  Can't wait to get my proof to see what the case will look like and then patiently waiting for my package!

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  1. Love them!

    I'm dropping by from the Alexa Hop with my sparkly little toolbar! I'd appreciate it if you would swing by A Helicopter Mom and comment.