Saturday, 23 April 2011


A happy happy Easter to all of those celebrating!  Everywhere I go there is chocolate absolutely everywhere and it really should be the time of year where we celebrate all of these wonderful chocolate creations.  I will admit that other than the "occasional" Cadbury Finger, Maltesers, and Reece's Pieces I am totally a chocolate snob.  I usually only eat dark chocolate and love its bitter, rich, and dense flavor.  Sneaking even the littlest piece just makes my day that much better.

One of my absolute favorite chocolate boutiques is ...melt... located on the chic and fabulous Ledbury Road in Notting Hill.  Ledbury Road intersects with the shopping heaven of Westbourne Grove and is lined with the most amazing shops for mommy and baby including Caramel Baby and Child, Petit Bateau, Marie Chantal, and Matches.  There is even an incredible posh Fara Charity shop next to ...melt... that has one of the best selections for babies and children I've seen around.  It so great to support a charity while getting a great deal for yourself.

When you walk past ...melt... there is absolutely no way of restraining yourself from walking in. The delicious smell is just luring you in and the boutique itself is just the chicest!  One of the amazing chocolatiers let me try a piece of their new award winning Pear Tatin and it was just the perfect combination: dark chocolate that was not too sweet with a subtle hint of pear in the ganache center.  I think I could stand there eating this chocolate all day and never grow old of this incredible flavor.  What also is so appealing about ...melt... is the simple, modern, and beautiful packaging and presentation of all of their chocolate products.  The exotic flavored chocolate bars are packaged in lovely square parcels and look like a gorgeous chocolate rainbow.  My favorite item in the shop are the square lollipops that are actually hot chocolate blocks.  What a fun and creative way of presenting traditional hot chocolate!  I love giving them as gifts as they are just so unexpected and who doesn't love a cup of hot cocoa?

...melt... also has a series of chocolate classes for kids aged 6+.  The classes teach the children about the history of chocolate as well as showing them how to work with chocolate and make amazing treats.  This is such a great thing to do with kids letting them be creative and experiencing chocolate.  Please see the link below for more details.

Please stop by ...melt... if you are every in Notting Hill where you are in for a really special treat.  If Notting Hill is too far away you can always order their heavenly chocolates online.  

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  1. Putting that on my list to visit the next time I am in the UK.