Monday, 11 April 2011

Phil & Teds Excellent Adventure

Before we left on our holiday to Asia I purchased the Lobster portable highchair by Phil & Teds.  I was not sure what the highchair situation was going to be since we were visiting so many different places and we would be staying at my parents house in Shanghai so I definitely needed to bring a high chair along.  I have never been known for my ability to travel light so the Lobster is perfect for me.  Plus it comes in its own little bag with handles that makes carrying it around super easy.  I have used the Phil & Teds Metoo before at several restaurants and have always been pretty happy with it.  What especially attracted me to the Lobster is that it comes with a plastic tray that fits in under the clips.  My little monster is a terribly messy eater and I like the idea that the tray would be easy to tidy up.

The Lobster definitely came in handy throughout the trip and I'm so glad that we purchased it.  Everytime we used it someone at a restaurant would come up to inspect it and ask me if it was stable.  No one ever believed me and the Lobster looks like some kind of space age gadget.  Another great thing about the Lobster is that you can attach it to a bar height table and we were actually able to dine at the bar!  The only problems I had with the Lobster are that you can't use it with a glass tabletop, some tabletops were too thick to attach, and if the table had a horizontal support beam it would block the clips from fully attaching.  So unfortunately the Lobster does not work with all tables.  Overall I am pretty happy with the Lobster and fully recommend it to anyone looking for something portable or an alternative to the tradition highchair.


  1. OMG Angela! I just LOVE reading your blog!! You should get paid for this, the layout, your comments, they're just brilliant! You really have talent, girl! Thanks for your review on this item, I've been shopping around for one; I'm totally gonna get it now!

  2. Thank you Fang for such sweet compliments! Lol! I do need to figure out how to get paid or at least get some free stuff. I really do love this high chair and the tray table is perfect for us germaphobes. FYI the Lobster doesn't fit with my dining table at home but worked with most restaurant tables. xox