Sunday, 17 April 2011

Snack Time at the Ion Orchard Food Hall

I have been going to Asia since I was an infant and this was actually my first time visiting Singapore.  The taxi driver told us the saying in Singapore is "you shop until you drop."  I was thrilled to hear this but them remembered that the I had the little monster in tow.  It is amazing how little shopping I can manage these days.  The monster starts screaming as soon as we walk into a store that doesn't sell toys or gadgets as if he has been programmed by my husband to torture me.  Thankfully there is a lot to do in the shopping malls in Singapore other than shop.

Visiting Orchard Road is a must when you are in Singapore and the street is lined with enormous department stores and shopping malls one after the next.  Our hotel concierge sent us to the Ion Orchard and we were definitely overwhelmed once we got there.  The gigantic mall is filled with absolutely everything from an breathtaking Louis Vuitton to Harry Winston to Topshop to Dunkin Donuts.  But I think the real show stopper has got to be the Food Hall. The food courts at many Asian shopping malls are quite an amazing sight but the Ion Food Hall is above and beyond.  The Food Hall is the biggest I have ever seen in my life and filled with so many choices that it was absolutely impossible to make up my mind.  I was so excited that I forgot to take any photos!

Anything you can dream of is pretty much served in the Food Hall from katsu curry, pizza, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, cupcakes, frozen yogurt, pastries and so much more.  I literally ate until I couldn't eat anymore and then ate more.  I'm still regretting not eating enough the 3 days I was there and could happily live in that Food Hall.  

Happy Lemon serves my all time favorite bubble milk tea.  And to make the bubble tea even tastier they added pudding in it!  Heaven in a cup and I can live off of this beverage.  Too bad it is insanely fattening!  Mei Huen Yun makes delicious shaved snow ice and it is impossible to make up your mind because everything looks so good.  I ended up getting the almond snow ice and still regret not trying the peanut butter/black sesame combination.  Another thing I can't get enough of are the Japanese style bakeries serving up the fluffiest and softest bread.  The selection at Bread Society is enormous with cheesy toast, hotdog rolls, green tea cake and we packed up some goodies for the plane trip home.  Tea Loft is part of Bread Society but offers a seating area that serves hot dishes as well.  Next time I'm definitely going to stay in Singapore a little longer!

Gladly I have returned to London and not tempted with all of my Asian favorites to undo the months of Weight Watchers.  If you are ever in Singapore be sure to stop by the Ion and you will surely have a feast.

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