Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Park Hyatt Shanghai

We arrived in Shanghai on a Sunday morning after an exhausting 12 hour red eye flight where the little monster only slept for 2 hours.  I have never been so grateful for the British Airways business class seats and personal entertainment systems.  Our view on travel in this household is definitely quality and not quantity.  So saving up for business class is definitely worth it to us even if it means not taking as many trips.  Shortly upon our arrival we learned that we were having dinner at the Park Hyatt with some of my father's clients at 7pm!  7pm is pretty late for the little monster on a normal evening and seemed impossible with a monster who has only slept for 2 hours.  On top of it all I have never been anywhere remotely fancy for a fine dining experience with a toddler and the Park Hyatt is super fancy smancy.  

Luckily we were having dinner at the Dining Room in the private dining room!  The ultimate luxurious dining experience where I didn't have to worry about disturbing other people enjoying their very expensive meal.  The private dining room even came with its very own gourmet kitchen where a personal chef cooks your meals right in front of you.  Unfortunately our food came from the main kitchen so no show for us. The evening was kind of a blur due to exhaustion so I don't remember the exact details of what I ate.  The Dining Room is an Italian restaurant with the menu focusing on seafood.  I do remember everything being extremely tasty and they made the little monster a penne with bolognese sauce.  The little monster almost fell asleep in the highchair but lucky for me he got a last burst of energy when I put him in the buggy to get him to sleep.  So we had to leave early and I didn't get dessert.

The hotel reception is on something like the 80th floor of this amazing new skyscraper so the views from our dining room were surreal.  The Shanghai skyline is such an incredible sight and with each building trying to outdo the other.  I loved the overall feel and decor of the Park Hyatt with its rich and dark tones mixed with elegant Chinese influences.  The stunning wine cellar is located in the private dining room so you can imagine me trying not to have a heart attack with a toddler constantly trying to break in.  There are no baby change facilities in the bathroom so I had to be creative.  Pampers Pullups really saved my ass this trip!

We were spoiled rotten being able to have such a special dining experience in such a stunning hotel!  Definitely a once in a lifetime experience and the best way to dine with a toddler.  Now just need to find a way to fund this habit!


  1. I'm right there with you. I need to find a fund for my habit, too. Did you stay there as well?

  2. We stayed with my parents in Shanghai so didn't get to stay there. Wish we did!

  3. well, hello fun blog....'lovin your blog right back! good stuff!!! I'll be poppin in =) xoxo Shelli