Thursday, 30 June 2011

Eco Friendly Snacking Solution

It is ridiculous that for the past 18 months snacks have become such a crucial and important part of my life.  Packing the wrong snacks or forgetting them altogether can basically ruin my day.  The 5-10 minutes it takes the Little Monster to polish off a box of raisins is about as much time I have to do pretty much anything.  I laugh at the sales people who ask if I want to try something on.  I have to explain to them that as soon as that box of raisins runs out that sweet innocent little boy turns into a screaming impatient devil child.

Of course all snacks don't come in the perfect sized little packages that we need and I'm always looking for containers that aren't too bulky for holding these life saving snacks.  I absolutely hate plastic baggies as they are just so extraordinarily wasteful.  Also they don't sell Ziploc in the UK so whatever stash I currently have will have to hold me over until my next trip to the states or I make so unfortunate visitor smuggle them in.  So the Ziploc baggies in my drawers are a hot commodity in this house.

On my recent trip back to the states I found these cutest little reusable lunch and snackbags at b.granola, an super mommy friendly eco boutique in Tenafly, NJ.  They are made by Sugar Booger who have a line of very creative yet useful line of baby products.  I love that the snack sacks come in 3 very convenient sizes in super fun prints.  The flat pouches are so much easier to lug around instead of bulky plastic containers.  How can you not resist the matching lunchbox???  The best part is that you end up doing a small part for the environment.

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