Monday, 13 June 2011

Vintage Chic Online Boutique

I am completely and uterly addicted to internet shopping.  I mean how else am I supposed to get anything done with a toddler that screams everytime we walk into a shop.  Bribes such as toys or snacks only get me a little bit of time and forget luxuries such as trying things or waiting for a sales person to find a size in the back.

There is such an overwhemling amount of online shops in cyberworld and it is always so refreshing to find a boutique that has an unique selection of well made children's items.  One of these amazing online boutique is Sisters Guild that carries the sweetest and very creative variety of products for little ones.  I love how their selection is vintage inspired and they stock everything from clothing, accessories, toys, party decor to home items.    I have my eye set on a mini nuage bracelet by Hop Hop Hop.  I love that the jewelry by Hop Hop Hop is for mommy and kiddie too!  Anything you order from their site has been hand selected my fellow mommies who run the boutique so you are sure to be getting a great buy.

Be sure to follow along with the Sisters Guild's chic and stylish blog as well!

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