Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Spectacular Mr. Boddington's Studio

To say that I have an obsession with stationary is definitely an understatement.  I have been obsessed with stationary ever since elementary school and still have my Hello Kitty collection almost entirely intact.  Boxes of pencils that have never been sharpened, stickers kept in the plastic packaging, perfect untouched erasers, fresh notepads, and loads of letter paper and envelopes.  I have no idea what I will ever do with this stash but I just can't bring myself to mark up any of it!

Since of birth of the little monster there have been so many occasions for me to get personalized stationary and I will use anything for an excuse to place an order.  I am particularly into letterpress stationary as I love love love the vintage feel.  One of the most incredible printers around is Mr. Boddington's Studio from NYC and I am completely obsessed with everything they design.  Their creations are so unique, quirky, and just so much fun.  The color palette that they use is so fresh and inspiring making it virtually impossible to make up your mind when placing an order.  I think the best part of their stationary is the most awesome lining for the envelopes.  It's just so unexpected and sure to put a huge smile on the recipients face. 

When you send out a card from Mr. Boddington's Studio it's sure to be one of a kind and will impress anyone who is lucky enough to be on the other end!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Mr. Boddington's Studio - especially these thank you notes: - letterpress is always such a nice touch!

    Cheers! - Megh