Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Skinnie Minnie

Part of being a mommy is being able to get dressed quickly without having to really think about what you are putting on.  At the same time this outfit must be fully functional for chasing around a crazy toddler while being somewhat stylish.  I basically live in J Brand skinnies because they are such a great fit, look great on and act as a chic base to any outfit.  The best part is to get the jeans with stretch in fabric so you don't feel restricted when about.

The 910 skinny low rise are on the top of my list because the ankles are super skinny and the shorter inseam is the perfect length for me.  I find this to be one of the most versatile styles in my wardrobe and can be dressed up or down.  My new favorite are the 901 legging jeans because they are extra stretchy and lightweight for the summer.  J Brand also has a great selection of high waisted jeans that definitely help contain the post baby flab that has become a permanent fixture on my stomach.    I finally bit the bullet and got a pair of Houlihan skinny cargos that everyone has been raving about.  It's such a great alternative to jeans and definitely gives an outfit some edge while being very functional.  I absolutely love the zip on the ankle and wearing the cargos unzipped totally changes the look.  I'm contemplating a pair of wide leg jeans to really mix things up.

With so many different styles, cuts, colors, and options you are sure to find your perfect fit.  Once you put on that perfect pair of J Brands it will be hard to take them off!


  1. On the days that I'm not in the office I live in skinny jeans... haven't tried jbrand though, my budget is more like Uniqlo :)

  2. I went shopping about 2 months postpartum desperate for some pants that fit and skinny jeans with stretch were quite flattering - thank heavens!!

  3. Definitely go for the high waisted skinnies! I only just got back into the low waisted jeans (Andy is 18 months so took awhile)! Dont have to worry about muffin top in high waist jeans ;)