Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Interview with The Little Style Book

One of the best websites around for us mummies and mummies-to-be is definitely The Little Style Book.  The Little Style Book is just filled with the most relevant and useful information on almost everything we mummies need from their amazing black book of the best shops, where to do pregnancy yoga, nursery inspirations, to my favorite part the family friendly travel guide.  The founder Katherine Elphick has put together the chicest of chic mummy bible so we can just explore all the amazing finds without have to do any dirty work!

I am absolutely honored that Katherine contacted me for an interview on The Little Style Book.  I find Katherine so inspiring especially for being a super entrepreneurial mummy.  I can't even believe that I am on the same list as her other interviewees who are also amazing mums and savvy businesswomen.  

Be sure to check out my interview with The Little Style Book and try out some of the fabulous features on the site!  

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