Thursday, 3 March 2011

Andy's Favorite iPod/iPad Apps

So my little 14.5 month old monster has pretty much figured out how to use our iPad and iPod.  If you met my husband, you would not at all be surprised.  He's a little gadget freak to say the least.  Obviously I try to keep the TV viewing to a minimum in this household but I won't lie.  There are many days at around 4PM where if you walked into my house you will find me half dead on the sofa with a chocolate bar hanging out of my mouth and Andy with the remote in one hand watching Nick Jr.

What is great about the iPad/iPod is that they are pretty much just as entertaining but can be "educational."  Just the fact that Andy can push the power button and the slide to unlock is an amazing motor skill accomplishment in my eyes.  Andy's favorite apps are the Wheels on the Bus and Old Macdonald by Duck Duck Moose.  The best part about the apps is that you can change the language of the music and even record your own voice!  The apps are super easy to use.  When you touch on of the characters on screen something fun and exciting will happen.  Keeps the little ones very busy with their favorite songs.

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