Friday, 11 March 2011

A Little Bit of Luck

I will admit that I am just a little bit superstitious.  I mean who can't use some extra luck around here?  I always wear at least one piece of jewelry with an evil eye.  It is believed in many cultures that when someone looks at you with envy, jealousy, or dislike then that will cause you to have some bad luck.  Wearing an evil eye will protect you from this.

These are some pieces that I am currently loving!  The Aaron Basha bracelets have always been one of my favorites, especially the little diamond charm on the red silk string.  I'm notorious for losing things and the iLuck bracelets are only about $30, so I don't feel too guilty if I loose one (which I have done a couple times).  Sydney Evan has a super stylish collection called Devout that offers pieces in a large price range.  Her beaded bracelets are just so much fun.  Barney and Net-a-Porter have got some more pricey pieces by Vanessa Kandiyoti and Ileana Makri that are simply stunning.

What are your superstitions?


  1. lovely pictures, I'm not supersitious, but think I might have to change that as the bracelets are gorgeous, following you from bmb x

  2. I absolutely love this kind of jewlery, and I´ve been checking out Vanessa Kandiyoti on NAP:0)