Wednesday, 16 March 2011

French Chic in London

I am very much longing for Paris these days.  The last trip I took to Paris is when I was 2 months pregnant and my little monster just turned 15 months today!  The same day Eurostar trips from London to Paris and back are long gone.  I loved just spending the day in Paris and instead of spending money on hotel I would use it all on food and shopping.   I can't imagine doing this with a very active toddler!

Luckily there are plenty of French inspired places all around town to temporarily satisfy my French cravings.  Today the three of us had an incredible late lunch at Aubaine in Brompton Cross.  Just looking at the Brasserie from the outside puts a huge smile on my face as it is the perfect shade of gray!  The decor is a French country shabby chic and has such a warm and cozy feeling.  Walking in my mouth was watering at the sight of the homemade rustic breads and viennoiseries.  You can't imagine the noises my stomach were making when my eyes met the most delicious and beautiful looking patisseries.  

To top it all off, Aubaine is actually super baby friendly!  There were plenty of high chairs and even a baby change room (which I wasn't expecting but willing to sacrifice for the food).  As soon as we sat down they served us with a bread basket which was absolutely delicious.  Must be some of the best breads I've ever tasted!  They did not have a children's menu but the chef made the little monster a croque monsieur which wasn't even on the menu served with the yummy french fries!  Hubby and I shared an artichoke/tomato/mozeralla/rocket salad and the lobster pasta with fresh handmade spaghetti.  I'm going to be dreaming of the meal tonight.  (I know I'm the worst blogger because I once again forgot my camera.  You have to use your imagination on this one!)

And then we were presented with the dessert tray which was pretty evil since I'm "on" Weight Watchers.  How can you possibly say no when presented with a huge slate tray filled with goodies!  So of course we split the chocolate eclair three ways and the little monster spent the rest of the day in chocolate covered clothes.

Locations in Brompton Cross, High Street Kensington, Selfridges, and Regent Street

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