Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rock et Roll * Zadig et Voltaire

One of the coolest and most bad ass French brands that I adore is Zadig et Voltaire.  It is always one of the shops that I have to go to when I am in Paris.  I was so excited when I moved to London because there are actually several Z et V shops in town and I get to pop in all the time.  What is even cooler is that they do a line for kids/baby so even your little ones can look like a chic little French rocker.

I especially love all the statement Z et V tops: finely knit sweaters, luxurious cashmere, and super soft cotton tshirts.  There is always something so cool on their tops such as their signature skull, shimmery butterfly, guitar or catchy word/phrase.  All of this is done in such a chic and stylish manner where the pieces are young but not middle school young.  I tend to wear a pretty monochromatic wardrobe (grey, black, white, navy) and their signature collection is done in the neutrals I love but with an edge that give it that je ne sais quoi!  

There are even Z et V outlets!  A sale shop just opened up on Kings Road and I got to go the outlet outside of Euro Disney too.

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