Monday, 7 March 2011

Playroom Furniture Dilema

I have been on the hunt for a kiddie table and chairs set for months now!  Half of our living room is taken up by buggy, toys, and other crap and this table set has to go in there too.  I'm having trouble finding something I can stand looking at everyday.  In the UK there just isn't the selection I am used to having in the states and trying to get things shipped here isn't an option.  The shipping costs a fortune if you can even find someone willing to ship and then HM Revenue and Customs will make you pay big time for importing.  There are a lot of traditional painted white sets but I find it so boring, but I might have no choice but to settle.

I found this simple and gorgeous play table set by Jennifer Delonge and of course it's only available in the good ole USA.  I'm totally about to cry because I can't have it.  I really want the orange set as it will add that punch of color that my living room is desperate for.  The table goes for $199 and the stool at $59 each.  It's a big chunk of change but I would totally go for it just because it is so freaking cute.  A girl can dream!

If anyone in the UK finds any super cute playroom furniture please send me the details!  I'm completely out of ideas as to where I should be looking.


  1. I LOVE that table and chairs set! Not sure if it's the sort of thing you'll make do with, but I posted today about the table and chairs I bought DD at IKEA. Cheap, cheerful and indestructible.

  2. Hi Angela
    I know exactly what you mean...and rather than try to impose my style on you, check out this website It's a directory of suppliers of cool, funky and vintage furniture and accessories. Hope that helps. X

  3. Oops! I meant Then click on modern people!

  4. Thanks for the tips! Ive been browsing the ikea site and they really do have great kiddie furniture. Ritz- that website is amazing! Totally going to be on it all night :)

    I think i may do the louis ghost chairs in lt blue with a round white table from zara kids. Have to check dims!

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  6. Thanks for sharing, those look nice!