Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Baby Emergency Kit

I saw a yummy mummy today with this Anya Hindmarch Baby Emergency Kit and me likey a lot!  I love Anya's compulsive need to have to have everything labeled and in a specific compartment.  Kind of like how I wish my life could be this organized.  It's the perfect size to keep under the buggy and neatly hold the thousands of thingies that we need to leave the house.  Main problem is that it costs 255GBP!  


  1. Hello
    First time to your blog and I must say it's very interesting, im going off now for a nosey. Mine is www.mum2alesha.blogspot.com


  2. Thanks mum2alesha! Heading to your blog now for a read :) xx

  3. Hi there, just thought I'd leave this comment here in case you didn't see it on your Rachel Zoe post as it's further down...Can't believe you're a fan too. I love her and her programme. In fact I have loads recorded on sky plus and when I'm bored I'll put one on. Whenever I tell people about it, they look at me with a blank expression! My husband pretends not to like it but he doesn't move from the sofa when it's on, so finally I know that I'm not alone. I'm not sure if she's bringing a new series out. I'm sure I read somewhere that she hadn't decided if she would make any new ones after the lovely Brad left and now with a baby on the way... I know the show shows her under alot of pressure but the last series showed her ultra stressed. x