Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Daylesford Organics

If you are in the mood for some fresh, delicious, and organic food or just have money to burn then Daylesford Organic is a great place to visit.  Of course I'm always looking for baby friendly places and Daylesford Organic has got a baby change and a lift (elevator for my American friends).  That's pretty much all that is needed to get my business.  But Daylesford is so much more.

All of the food comes from Dayelsford very own farm in Glouscestershire and the quality is truly exceptional.  Their signature decor includes tons of white marble with bleached woods creating a tranquil and refreshing environment.  I stopped by the shop and cafe on Pimlico Road the other day and had an incredible lunch with my husband and Andy.  The ground floor has the market with a counter of salads, sandwiches, savory treats and lovely desserts.  The first floor sells home items and the eat in cafe.  Although they do not have a kids menu, Andy was happy to share our meals!

There is another Daylesford cafe and shop in Notting Hill which serves raw food in the lower ground floor as well as a concession in Selfridges food hall.  In the farm in Gloucestershire, there is an amazing market, cafe, cooking school and spa which I am dying to go to!  Hopefully when the weather gets warmer we can take our little city slicker out for a walk in the countryside.


  1. That looks amazing...I wish there were places like this where I live! Thanks for stopping by my blog today...I'm following you now :) xxx

  2. That looks tempting :P
    Will check this place out if I get to be around that area.
    Love your blog and am a follower :)

  3. <3 Inside the Wendy House and Random Mama
    Thank you so much for following and you must stop by Daylesford if you get a chance. Wishing I could eat there everyday!