Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Absolute Genius of Mary McDonald

So I am completely and utterly obsessed with Mary McDonald from Bravo's Million Dollar Decorator.  I have always been fan of her work but her personality is just incredible and I love love love her!  I feel honored that we get to watch her in action from her design process, to her amazing shopping trips, and installing her beyond brilliant master plan.  It is so inspiring and I don't even know how to process all the fabulousness that I am watching.  Luckily I purchased the season pass on iTunes so I can watch it over and over and over again.  I'm sure my husband is going to kill me and I'm becoming a slummy mummy making the Little Monster watch it during dinner.  Hey it's totally educational and more creative than Peppa Pig!  I think I can easily change my blog to an ode to Mary McDonald and take a break from mommyhood but I'll spare the men in the house.  

I just love Mary's attitude on life and her wicked sense of humor.  Much more importantly she seems to know exactly how to push her client's budget without getting in trouble to get exactly what she needs to see her vision through.  I mean she can go way over budget with the client thanking her in the end because they are just so thrilled with her work!  I completely agree when she says that people don't know what they want and she knows what people want.  

It's hard to argue with her when her designs are so far more ah-mazing that anything anyone else can come up with.  Her signature look with the bold painted timber floors is so ridiculously genius and gives her room that extra kick.  Her color sensibility is incredible using combinations that are fresh and creative.  The bold use of texture and pattern are just out of this world.  But my absolute favorite in all of her designs in her use of Chinoiserie.  It just can't get any more chic!  

Now if I can only get in her head so I can figure out what to do with my house and into her client's bank accounts while I'm at it!

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  1. She's by far my fave from the show too!! I looked up her book on Amazon to buy but I'm holding out until it goes on sale. Love her!!

  2. I cant wait for the book too! xox