Thursday, 28 July 2011

Getting Ready for the English Winter...

I realize that it is barely August but I can't help but get excited for autumn.  Summer is just not for me and I really wish that it was autumn all year round.  There is nothing I love more that layering cozy knits under a chic coat and I just miss my boots so much.  I just long to be wrapped and bundled up drinking a nice warm cup of hot cocoa!  

Outerwear is another category of clothing that I just seem to accumulate and can never get enough of.  I blame this on genetics as my dad is addicted to outerwear.  The man can literally try one style for 1+ hour without ever getting bored.  I know since I have sat in the shop waiting for him since I was a kid.  I'm really ashamed to even disclose how many jackets the little monster has in his closet.  The first year was easy since he is a winter baby and grew out of things so quickly but now it's hard to justify the quantity other than they look so damn cute on him.  And with winter soon approaching I really need to limit his outerwear this season.

It just doesn't get more English than the very classic Barbour.  Their outerwear for children is just beyond adorable while being totally functional for the cold rainy weather.  I just love the preppy quilted jackets for the autumn because they very lightweight and warm.  The waxed coats and parkas are perfect for when it becomes freezing out, while the gilets/vests can be layered and still worn into the spring.  I'm sure you will find the perfect piece for whatever climate this winter will bring.

Now how do I chose just one?  Oooh and one for me too!


  1. I am like you, in the way that I start stocking up on fall items as soon as they come out! On Barbour, I fell in love with their Anya Hindmarch collection, and got a Minx jacket a few months ago, it's perfect for rainy days!

  2. The Anya Hindmarch jackets is gorgeous! I've got my eye on the Liberty print Barbour coat for myself :)