Monday, 4 July 2011

Very Very Americana

In honor of the 4th I absolutely have to do a post on the Ralph Lauren children's collection.  I have a very very serious problem with Ralph Lauren, as in I can't stop myself from hoarding RL clothes for the Little Monster.  RL designs are just so classic, timeless, and the epitome of chic American style.  The color palette every season is right up my alley with a base of navy and whites mixed in with pops of color.  I simply can't resist how handsome the Little Monster looks in RL and that is why I always keep his closet stocked.  

I have a very systematic way of collecting these RL pieces without doing too much damage on my wallet.  Whenever I get an email from the website about a sale that's when I order tons of staple pieces (polos and sweaters mainly) for the coming seasons.  This way I get more for my money and FYI the sale is going on now!  Pieces from older seasons are always on a further markdown so it makes sense to buy winter clothes in the summer in a bigger size.  Also, whenever I pass by a RL outlet I buy buy buy.  Normally you can find coupons for the outlets and the shop itself might have some kind of promotion going on.  

Don't even get me started on how ridiculously adorable the little girl's collection is.  I'm sure my husband is completely relieved that we don't have a daughter (yet...) or else he will have to directly deposit a portion of his paycheck to Mr. Lauren!


  1. This is so cute! My hubby is also very very relieved we had a boy, not a girl, as he couldn't cope with two shopping addicts in the house!

  2. Little man wears the button-up oxfords with khaki shorts. I roll the sleeves precious!