Monday, 25 July 2011

A Lovely Sunday in Paris

If you ever find yourself in Paris on a Sunday, you will soon figure out that pretty much everything is closed.  Of course restaurants, cafes, and museums are open but almost everything else is shut down.  I was warned by the concierge at Hotel Scribes that I better get milk and anything else the little monster might need on Saturday as it would be impossible to find a supermarket that was open on Sunday.  Of course this is very hard for the shopoholic in me that there would be a whole day when my wallet would be forced to rest.  Luckily the concierge mapped out the 2 areas where there would be retail therapy on Sunday and one of them being my favorite the Marais (the other is the super touristy Champs Elysees).  

My very favorite square in Paris is the Place des Vosges which is the heart of the Marais.  Place des Vosges is a perfectly symmetrical square surrounded by very grand, amazing and regal brick buildings.  Being in the square really gives you a feeling of what it's like hanging out in those pre French Revolution days if you were lucky to be one of the wealthy ones.  There is a giant sand pit and a small playground for the little ones to get rid of all their energy.  In the arcade around the square there are plenty on lovely cafes to relax in.  

Rue Francs Bourgeois is a boutique lined street off Place des Vosges that leads to Rue Vielle du Temple which also is home to more fabulous shops and cafes.  Here all of your shopping fantasies are fulfilled from independent boutiques to all of the chicest French labels such as Zadig et Voltaire, Petit Bateau, American Vintage, Diptique, Repetto, Comptoir des Cotonniers, and much much more.  Of course there is a lovely place to grab a seat and a drink to rest those tired feet at every corner.

Unfortunately for my wallet Sundays in Paris just got a little more expensive!

Place des Vosges, Rue Francs Bourgeois, Rue Vielle du Temple
Paris 75004


  1. Lovely photos! Shopping in Paris sounds amazing!!

  2. I am loving your recent posts on Paris! How beautiful!

  3. If you are strolling around le marais again, may I suggest a visit to "Tumbleweed - artisanat d'art ludique." I am not affiliated with this shop but it is one of my favorite little shops--it is tiny and filled with unique toys and gadgets for people of all ages. It is on 19 rue de Turenne.

  4. Thank you for all of your sweet comments!

    @la professionnelle Will definitely check out Tumbleweed my next trip. Hope to get back there soon :)