Wednesday, 20 March 2013

aux merveilleux de fred

I have driven past Aux Merveilleux de Fred on Old Brompton Road in South Kensington several times and the stunning chandelier seen from the streets is so hard to miss.  I knew it was a new patisserie shop that had just opened up and was just delighted when I finally made a trip to the store.  My Little Monster and I ran up to the windows and were both so excited to see all the pastry chefs hard a work at their little creations but still had no idea what they were making.  If you can't tell we both have a terrible sweet tooth and a weakness for French desserts.  We are so lucky that another French establishment has opened up close to our home.

Once inside the shop you can't help by notice how gorgeous that chandelier really is and our mouths started to water looking at all the little cakes.  The whole shop only sold one type of cake called the merveilleux which is the lightest meringue layered with a whipped cream then covered in a topping in different colors and flavors.  The display and packaging of these little merveilleux are just so beautiful and would make the perfect hostess gift especially since this is the only shop where you can find such a dessert in all of London!

There are 5 different flavors all together:
The Merveilleux - Dark Chocolate
The Incroyable - White Chocolate
The Impensable - Coffee
The Excentrique - Cherry
The Magnifique - Praline, Hazelnut, and Almond

We purchased a small box of 4, dark chocolate, white chocolate, cherry and praline.  Absolutely delicious and will definitely be back for more!

88 Old Brompton Road

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  1. I see you ave a sweet tooth too! I love this place and I try to go just when they take bread out of the oven!