Tuesday, 26 March 2013

easter chocolate at pierre herme belgravia

There is chocolate everywhere this time of year and I seriously cannot keep my hands off of it.  At this rate I am never going to loose the baby weight but I'd rather shed this weight off slowly than detox my wicked sweet tooth.  I am definitely a total chocolate snob and really only eat dark chocolate so I suppose it's not completely bad.

We stopped by one of my absolute favorite chocolate shops Pierre Herme in Belgravia last weekend in the freezing cold and snow flurries.  Once inside the shop we were immediately warmed by the sight of all the scrumptious chocolate and macarons.  Pierre Herme is honestly the most amazing chocolate I have ever tasted and I could easily eat everything in the shop and get wheel-barrowed home from a chocolate coma.  I definitely recommend splurging for some amazing Easter treats from the shop after all chocolate is for grown-ups too!

There was no way I wasn't leaving the shop without a box of macarons.  It is nearly impossible to look at these little beauties and not salivate.  I love the flavors at Pierre Herme and really they stand out from all the other macarons that seem to be everywhere now.  These are truly special!  The dark chocolate ones are my very favorite and in second place are the green tea with sesame macarons.  The salted caramel ones and hazelnut praline combo are not to be missed as well.  Luckily you can fill many flavors in a box so don't need to miss out on any of your favorite flavors!

If you are ever in the neighborhood it is definitely worth a stop and satisfy all your chocolate fantasies!

Pierre Herme Lowndes Street
13 Lowndes Street

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