Wednesday, 27 March 2013

diamonds by as29

I am a huge fan of diamond pave ultra feminine jewelry and I am soooo loving these pieces from AS29 created by Belgium jewelry designer Audrey Savransky.  Because I have really tiny fingers and thin hands it is really easy for jewelry to overwhelm me and I tend to stay with more dainty and delicate pieces. I love the designs by AS29 because they are so very sweet and girlie but at the same time definitely have a rocker edge to them.  I think that this balance really makes all the pieces stand out from other brands and make the pieces so much more special.  It is definitely unlikely that you will run into someone else wearing the same thing and I'm sure everyone will notice these amazing creations.  I am totally lusting over the little pave bracelets on neon silk threads.  This would look amazing worn alone as a statement or layered with other bracelets and your watch.  Only 7 more months until my birthday!

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