Wednesday, 13 March 2013

beauty delivered to your door

One of the hardest things I find to maintain being a busy mommy is beauty regime.  Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and ask did I really leave the house looking like this?  My hands take the biggest beating of all with the constant washing up, laundry, chopping/cooking, and tidying up.  The London water is just so hard and awful on the skin and the dry winter weather doesn't help much either.  Having freshly painted nails really does perk me up and it is hard to find some child free time to head to the nail salon.

Here is where the amazing Trish W Beauty comes to the rescue.  Trish's daughter and my son go to nursery together and this mama of 2 has got some serious style!  Trish is a tres glamourous mommy who is always so put together from head to toe with the most incredible bag and shoe collection.  When I found out she just started up her own beauty service that does house calls I jumped at the chance of having her over!  It was all so convenient to pop baby girl down for a nap in her room and have Trish over to mine with her glam kit.

I really wanted a Shellac manicure and was so excited that she could do this at my kitchen table.  It was very relaxing to have a nice chat over a couple of lattes with Trish fixing up my nails.  The great thing about Trish is that she has been trained in holistic beauty and has a very natural approach keeping in mind what is best for your body.  I have had several experiences with Shellac manicures that left my nails stripped and dry or having the polish bubble and peel within the first couple of days.  

Trish was gentle with my nails assuring me that her technique and not over-buffing will actually help my nails grow back stronger.  I also really like that she left the painted nails in the dryer for longer than the settings called for because there's nothing worse than spending all this time and money just to have the mani ruined.  I didn't feel rushed as you do in a nail salon with people lurking about waiting for their turn or the beautician trying to rush through the whole thing.  The polishes are all from the American company CND which is the real good quality stuff that won't ruin your nails.  I've promised not to pick at the manicure and she will pop by to use the wraps to take them off when I'm ready.

The incredible Trish offers many more beauty services including massages, makeup, skin treatments and lots more so give her a ring for some pampering that us tired mommies deserve!

Trish W Beauty
Beauty Specialist (website will be up soon!)
+44 (0)7989 572533

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