Sunday, 27 February 2011


Anyone on Weight Watchers (myself included) should advert your eyes now!  Clicking on the link below will lead to a binge of sweeties (in my case 3 points+ worth of Cadburry Fingers)!  You have been warned.

Every since I found out about Bakerella I have become obsessed!  I've got a horrible sweet tooth and my mouth just salivates everytime I am on her site. I think that Bakerella is one of the most creative bakers out there and her treats are just too adorable to eat.  I mean anyone who makes a Hello Kitty cakepop has automatically won my heart.  Not that I don't enjoy a good cupcake but I am so over the trend and these cakepops are refreshing to see.  Unfortunately I won't be attempting any of these pops anytime soon for the fear of regaining weight and this just doesn't seem like something I would be very good at.  My sister and I did try the red velvet cake balls and they were actually pretty easy to make.  We ate every single last one of them too!

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  1. Also on weight's getting easier but boy, makes me wonder how much I was over eating! x