Monday, 28 February 2011

The Amazing Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is currently my design idol!  Her signature style is just so unique, bold, and over-the-top luxurious.  It is really inspiring to see how she is not afraid of using really strong colors in her spaces.  I love how she doesn't seem to follow any rules or trends and just has an innate vision of how things should look.  Her use of traditional elements and antiques layered with more modern elements creates one of a kind rooms that are hard to copy.  Kelly's extravagant style is very refreshing in the sea of modernism and minimalism.

I am completely obsessed with her son's bedroom.  It is so sophisticated for a little boy with Hermes throw and all.  I love how she added the library in the playroom so the books can face forward.  Now if I only had the space and budget to do this for Andy!

I was lucky enough to meet her accidentally in Bergdorf Goodman when she was doing a book signing there for her latest book Hue.  My mom and I love having lunch at BG Restaurant there designed by her firm.  It's super girly, extravagant, and I love people watching there.  The upper east side ladies who lunch are all dressed so fabulously regardless of age (secretly the best part is seeing all the cosmetic surgeries of the elite clientele).  Kelly is really petite and very sweet.  I've seen her as one of the judges on the reality show Top Design (where she always had the most outrageous hair, makeup, and wardrobe)  and she did seem a little intimidating.  I was pretty close to my due date at the book signing so we had a little chat about having little boys.  It was so much fun to actually meet her in person.

I'm very excited because Kelly just started a blog called My Vibe My Life and there are amazing photos on there of her design studio.  She also just revealed her ready to wear line during NY fashion week which hopefully I can get my hands on soon!

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