Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Gucci Baby

Image from (not Harrods)

Sorry for the blurry picture but only had a camera phone handy.

Since it was pretty miserable this past weekend, we decided to take Andy to Harrods Toy Kingdom for entertainment.  We had lunch in the new Treehouse Restaurant on the 4th Floor which is super kid friendly.  The food is actually pretty tasty (even Andy's kids meal) but of course you pay Harrods prices for the experience.  In the infant clothing area there is a huge new section for Gucci Baby.  The clothes are very cute but you pretty much have to have Jennifer Lopez's salary to be able to dress you kids in Gucci.  I mean there were the most beautiful tiny leather jackets for $1450.00!  Even if money were no object I just wouldn't have the heart to dress Andy in Gucci.  I've seen what the kid does to clothing and he can live in Zara.  

But they did have the most luxurious display furniture in glass, gold, and blonde timber.  My favorite thing in the whole room are these mini grey velvet retro upholstered chairs and ottoman.  The contrast piping and buttoning are just too adorable.  I totally would love to have these pieces for myself in normal adult size!  As for nursery furniture I don't believe in anything that can't be cleaned with a baby wipe so not going to be reproducing these chairs for Andy anytime soon.

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