Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Extended Valentines Day

My husband surprised me with a dozen beautiful roses from Only Roses last week for Valentine's Day.  This was a very romantic gesture as we have yet to leave Andy with a babysitter and we ended up having a lovely sushi dinner delivered to our front door.  Only Roses is one of my favorite florists in Chelsea on Old Brompton Road.  They scatter rose petals outside the shop everyday and has a very modern romantic feel.  The Valentine's Roses lasted the whole week and I am not ready to part with them just yet.  Luckily there are 4 roses left that are still pretty fresh and here are my floral arranging skills at their best!  This is a pretty easy way to do a quick and modern arrangement at home with leftover flowers from a bouquet or a centerpiece without having to spend a lot of money.

Only Roses
257 Old Brompton Road

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