Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Relief for the Teething Baby

Andy is teething big time again but this time it's those nasty molars that are causing him so much discomfort.  He has turned into a huge slobber monster and is constantly sticking his fingers down his throat causing him to make an ever so attractive sound.  I picked this Baby Banana Toothbrush up at the checkout in Buy Buy Baby just because it looks so funny and I just couldn't stop myself.  Luckily Andy loves the chewy banana (even though he won't let a real banana anywhere near his mouth) and seems to be helping with the teething pains.  Dare I say he likes this banana more than Sophie the giraffe!  Plus it's only about $8.00 (as opposed to the insanely overpriced Sophie) so your heart won't stop every time your kid throws it on the floor.

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