Sunday, 20 February 2011

The One Thing I Can't Live Without....

When I was pregnant I bought this stuffed lamb for the nursery and little did I know that this fluffly white thing would be such a big part of my life.  At first we gave Andy a fuzzy square as his lovely.  The fuzzy square did help out with Andy's sleep a great deal .  One night I had to wash the little square which ended up with Andy screaming in tears unable to sleep. Out of desperation and after some arguing, we gave Andy Lamby to comfort him and we kept watching the baby monitor since we were terrified that he would suffocate.  After that night Andy and Lamby have been inseparable!  I really give Lamby all the credit for Andy being able to sleep through the night.  At first we wouldn't let Andy take Lamby out of the crib, but now Lamby goes wherever Andy goes.  Swings, plane, tube, bus, Gymboree, the mall and he even tried to take him in the bathtub.  Andy has even named him Mimi!  So much for mama or dada.  We have the whole collection of the Jellycat Truffles Sheep and I can't imagine our lives without Mimi.

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