Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Best Shoes Ever

We are addicted to Converse in this household!  Not only are they inexpensive but are comfortable and stylish too.  Converse can work with so many outfits and come in all the colors of the rainbow.  I am so excited that I finally get to pick a pair of the tiny little All Stars for Andy that we always oohed and ahhed at before he came along.  We just picked up a pair of navy laceless lowtops for Andy.  It's such a struggle to get shoes on him and these have a hidden velcro panel on the inside that will make getting him dressed that much easier.  They are just about a half size too big so hopefully he will grow into them in just a few months.  Since Andy has just started walking these probably are not the best first shoes, so no rush just yet.  But can't wait to test them out in the playground when the sun finally comes out!

I picked these up at Boys Base in Westfield:

or available online:

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