Saturday, 26 February 2011

Hop Hop Hop

Wonderworld Hopping Bunny Walker

I've been frequently asked about this amazing wooden eco-friendly walker that Andy received for Christmas from my husband's aunt in Switzerland.  In order to bring it back to London from Zurich we had to throw away the box to fit it in the suitcase.  We were packing frantically and I forgot to write down all the details from the box.  I finally did some research online and it is called the Hopping Bunny Walker by Wonderworld.  It is one of Andy's absolute favorite toys and he still plays with it on a daily basis.  What is so great about the walker is that there is a knob that can tighten/loosen the wheels.  Most walkers out there are pretty quick and babies just learning to walk really don't have the control to use a fast walker.  With this walker the adult doesn't have to constantly bend over to keep the baby steady and you can loosen the wheels as they get more comfortable on their feet.  The handle bar is at the perfect height too for their little hands.

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