Saturday, 7 May 2011

Easy Breezy Sausalito Style

Serena & Lily is one of my absolute favorite companies for home furnishings.  Their collection is made up of elegant pieces for adults, children, and babies in the most wonderful color palettes.  There is something just so easy, cool, and sophisticated about the Serena & Lily look that captures the essence of West Coast living.  In the back of my head I'm filling up a container of things I want shipped from the states and when this happens (in my fantasies of course) most of it will definitely be from Serena & Lily.  

What is so fantastic about the upholstered furniture pieces is that there is a level of customization involved from selecting the fabrics, nail heads, piping, etc. that makes the pieces feel that much more special.  All of the textiles are designed in house and the patterns and colors are just so appealing and well thought out.  The fabric is also available to purchase so you can customize your own pieces at home.

The bedding collection is what really sets Serena & Lily apart from the competition.  A really high quality cotton is used on all of its bedding making your bed a very luxurious place to rest.  Their nursery and children bedding is absolutely stunning and all of the prints and designs are just irresistable.  The designs are very timeless rather than trendy, definitely not something you will tire of.  I have the stylish Sausalito moses basket for the little monster and now use it to store extra toys around the house.  

Be sure to check out the Serena & Lily website for some great browsing and inspiration.  Their catalogs are all so beautifully printed and very useful to have around.


  1. Gorgeous, I love everything. Shame this is US based like so many online wonders!

  2. I LOVE everything by Serena and Lilly. I would especially love to have a comfy rocker glider sofa. Why doesn't anyone in the UK or Europe sell those?