Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pretty Little Ballerinas

To continue with the subject of things I hoard, ballerina flats would be on the very top of this list.  I have an insatiable appetite for flats and there is just no way I can ever ever ever have too many pairs.  I keep all of my little babies in their own closet far away from my hubby's eye.  In this case I think that the less he knows the better for our marriage.  I feel as if I express my mood through my shoes and footwear is the one place where I'm not scared of color.

Repetto is the real deal for ballerina flats.  The French company is founded by dancers and they do make a professional line of ballet shoes.  Lucky for us they have a collection of beautiful street shoes so that we can all feel a little more graceful.  What is so fantastic about Repetto ballerinas is that not only are they so lovely to look at but they are practical and comfy too.  They come in almost every color of the rainbow so you will be sure to find something that goes with all your outfits and will suit your mood.  There are several styles available other than the traditional ballerina but the designs are all very subtle and never stray too far from the classic design.  

I've got my eye set on a pair of mary janes but simply cannot make up my mind on the color.  The suede flats are my favorite because they are so soft, comfy, and molds to my feet.  I can feel a little more elegant pushing a giant buggy around all day in these pretty ballerinas.

p.s. For a those with little girls I cannot even begin to tell you how jealous I am that they make little sizes too!

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