Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Eye Candy from Lonny Mag

I am totally a hoarder of magazines and I never throw any home mags away.  There have been countless arguments with the hubby about my not so small collection.  That's why I think the new trend of online magazines is just such a genius invention.  I love how issues are organized and there is actually a way to search for images without having to flip through my stash.  For some strange reason I find it hard to cut up magazines and just end up putting a post it note on images I like.  As you can imagine this is a pretty useless system.  But now I keep inspiration images on my computer and love that the files are so neat, compact and stored on my hard drive.

One of the first magazines to start this trend is Lonny Mag created by the brilliant minds behind my all time favorite Domino.  Lonny Mag features the most amazing spaces and designs around with a modern take.  The rooms that are featured are always so unique, interesting, and they always manage to find the most fabulous color palettes.  I am definitely not a minimalist and Lonny mag definitely features interiors with a warmer more eclectic modern feel.

I've flipped through all of their issues and here are my favorite kids spaces.  Of course none of the rooms in my house are this polished or pulled together but a girl can dream!


  1. "Clos-ette Too's Clos-ette case features Sara Gilbane, a New York based designer.

    Learn more about her critically acclaimed interiors and check out her great suggestions for organizing your closet space-- AMAZING!! http://bit.ly/oBqhhN"

  2. Check out Clos-ette Founder, Melanie Fascitelli's own closet redesign and learn tips for how to organize your closet and find the right products to help do so in Lonny Magazine! http://bit.ly/pCNQmJ