Thursday, 5 May 2011

THE Raincoat

I have been eyeing the gorgeous school bus yellow raincoat from Petit Bateau for months.  I finally caved and got it for the little monster today.  This fabulous rain coat is a must have for all the gray and rainy London days.  I love how cheery it is and of course the navy + white striped lining just gives it that extra French-y touch.

Here are my picks to go with the raincoat for those cool rainy days.  A gray cardigan is another one of my must haves in a little boy's wardrobe.  It's the perfect layering piece to add some warmth and make any outfit look more sophisticated.  I'm just crazy about blue + white striped tops and absolutely love the whimsical orange lobster printed onto the J. Crew tee.  The braces paired with a great pair of navy skinnies just make the outfit that much cooler! Add a pair of Euro sneakers with striped socks and the monster is ready to head out to the parks rain or shine.

Raincoat -
Cardigan -
Tee -
Braces -
Trousers -
Trainers -
Socks -

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