Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pop Art Cameleon

Living in the land full of Bugaboos I feel that I am always trying to differentiate my Cameleon from all of the others out there.  I have a fear of taking someone else's buggy and that would just be soooo embarrassing.  I have on occasion taken the wrong suitcase at the baggage carousel and once almost lost a suitcase full of my wedding accessories.  There are an overwhelming amount of accessories for these Bugaboos and some of them are a complete eyesore.  

I just came across a company called Poplico which makes super stylish reversible canopies for the Bugaboo Cameleon.  I absolutely love all of the color combinations and the printed fabric just makes the Cameleon that much for fun.  It's like you are getting 2 canopies as well since they are reversible.  With Poplico's chic canopies your Bugaboo is sure to stand out and definitely won't mistake yours for someone else's buggy!

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