Saturday, 11 May 2013

friday fashion obsession

Apologies for the Friday feature being one day late but it's been a busy week!  I'm still playing around with what to feature on Fridays and I'm testing out my current weekly fashion obsession.  Hope you enjoy this!

When I was in New Jersey I discovered this amazing store in the mall (Garden State Plaza for all you Jersey girls!) called Aritizia.  Artizia is originally from Vancouver, Canada and is stocked full of super stylish well made clothing and a good supply of denim at a great price point.  I've been lusting after leather leggings for awhile now but they are serious investment.  Plus leather leggings probably aren't the most practical trousers for a mom to wear.  I found these gorgeous faux leather Rebelle leggings at Aritizia from Canadian brand Wilfred Free.  The look and feel amazing!  They are super soft and kind of actually feel like leather instead of plasticy.  The best part is they only set you back $135 and are machine washable.  I'm definitely going to stock up on a couple more pairs.  They did stretch out so I think I will go for a size down for the next pair.

It's the American in me but I hit Westfield London every couple of weeks to run errands when the kids are asleep.  Shops close much earlier in London than they do in the States but lucky for me I live close to the Westfield Mall that is open until 10pm!  It's great because I can get groceries, hit the pharmacy, browse the kids toys and clothing shops, shop for me (Zara, Topshop, Jimmy Choo, Joseph and so much more) and bring home some takeaway all in one trip.  So I went a little crazy the other day (this is rare I assure you) and purchased 3 sweaters.  I totally blame the Rebelle leggings because everything looked really good on with them!

Here is what I scored:
Maje Calane Gilet Poudre - Everything in Maje is just so cool and the type of chic only the French can do.  I love this cardi because the leather sleeve makes it so much edgier and I can throw this over almost anything in my closet.  Maje is available in the US and UK.

Zara Jacquard Star Sweater (not available online but similar here) - I love the sweatshirt feel and the big black star.  I'm so completely obsessed with Zara!

Zara Cropped Neon Yellow Sweater (not available online but similar here) - I love this bright color and so great to add layers under.

Aritizia Wilfred Free Rebelle Legging - My new wardrobe staple!

There is no way you can ever get the mall out of this Jersey Girl plus I'm Asian so it's coded in my DNA. 

PS I apologize in advance about my appearance in the photos and hope didn't scare off all my readers.  It was after a long day with the kids plus mall trip and no make up.  Scary stuff!


  1. love that cardi - just a bit of leather does give one a bit of streed cred. i am now so used to going to shop by shop that westfield always makes me feel like I am not in london anymore! that place does make things easier.

  2. westfield can be quite overwhelming especially when you're tired. you don't know how many times i've thought my car was stolen but turns out i was just looking on the wrong floor! x